We deliver a range of specialist support using a purpose built web based management portal, coupled with direct personal contact, thus providing value for money and continued personal service.
Plumsun PMP
The Plumsun Management Portal (PMP) is a unique online tool that gives you control at your fingertips. It is a web-based system, giving you and your colleagues the flexibility to access the site from various locations
You can manage and audit information and processes, and produce reports for areas of improvement or for inspections by external agencies. You can enter into discussions with other schools of your choice to join group discussions as an associate member.

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As a member of Plumsun you will also have access to a discounted suite of accredited Tailored Provision and Training (TPT), such as:
  • Health and Safety
  • Educational Visits
  • Food Hygiene
  • Risk Managment
Our services assist you in complying with your statutory obligations as a Governing Body. We are unlike other services that simply 'react to events' and 'monitor compliance'. We pro-actively work with you as experts and competent partners. This helps to reduce the likelihood of accidents and incidents and as a result minimises us guiding you through external investigations and claims.

We provide robust and tailored services based on your needs. Rapid and personal responses are vital components of our offer. We do not provide a second-class remote 'tick box' service.
You will have access to a web-based "school intranet" Management System (Plumsun Management Portal / PMP). it provides an audit trail for interested parties such as OFSTED or the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). It is designed to accomodate practices and procedures specific to individual schools, clusters and trusts.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how we can work with you.

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